The purpose of Östgöta Nation’s Mentorship Program is to help participating students with their studies and assist them in entering the workplace, after graduation. The program is also to guide participating student in making the best out of their careers, and to give necessary tools for having a healthy work-life balance.

The program is offered to active members of Östgöta Nation and consists of at least one lunch meeting per semester with a mentor, a working professional, and continues for as long as the mentor and adept finds it rewarding.

Active members can apply each spring and autumn semester by filling out a simple form administrated by the Mentorship Program coordinator. It is meritorious to have a position as officer at the Nation, and applicants with more number of years as officers or as members of at the nation will be prioritized; of course, the size of the Mentorship program is bounded by the supply of available mentors. Accepted adepts will be notified 30 days before the Recentior Gasque, at the latest. The program is free of charge for the adept.

Interested students can contact the Mentorship Program coordinator: Linnea Nord Heidtmann, through
Interested future mentors can contact management board member: Anders Westerholm, through