Board games are great. You experience a make-believe world filled with abstractions. Despite that, the feeling of stress when looking for the traitor in a game of Resistance can be worse than preparing for an exam.

Östgötna Nations Spelförening (ÖNS), also known as the Östgöta Nation Board Game Association is a group of people that wishes to promote board games, not only among the members of the nation but with the general student populace of Uppsala as well. We’re here to give you as a student the chance to relax, take a break and enjoy some quality time with friends.

The association organizes a game night every week where we gather, socialize and play some games. We supply some of the games ourselves, but it’s not uncommon for members to bring their own favourite game to share.

We welcome any that have an interest in, or are just curious about, board games and look forward to meeting you next game night!